Protected Disclosure Policy


The Company is committed to ensuring a culture of openness and accountability in which abuse, theft, fraud or other misconduct within the organisation by any employee is recognised and reported. You are encouraged to express any concerns you may have and the Company will respect any request you may make to preserve confidentiality as far as possible. If you raise concerns in good faith, you will be protected by the Company from reprisals or victimisation.


If you have concerns about possible abuse, theft, fraud, or other misconduct, you should bring the matter to the attention of a Director or a Director. Any employee with knowledge of abuse, theft, fraud or other misconduct who does not report this may be subject to disciplinary action. Anyone attempting to stop or discourage another employee from coming forward to express a serious concern will be subject to disciplinary action. Likewise, anyone who criticises or victimises an employee after a concern has been expressed will be subject to disciplinary action.


The complaint will be investigated and outside agencies may be involved as necessary. The results of the investigation will be relayed to you, whilst protecting the confidentiality of any others involved.


If you continue to have serious concerns after the investigation has been completed and feel that you need to contact an external agency, you may then do so.


Please be aware that any employee who raises a concern with malicious intent or abuses this policy will be subject to disciplinary action.


























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