Key Holdng, Alarm Response & Mobile Patrolling

24 hours a day 

365 days a year cover


Avoid being disturbed at  inconvenient time


No need for you to be always ready to drive to the site in case of alarm


Avoid staff being exposed to potential danger on site


No need for office staff to remain on site out of hour


No need to provide alarm response   cover for your own or staff holidays


We offer Key holding services to our clients who require locking/unlocking, alarm response and mobile patrol services.


We are 24/7 hours emergency response service. 


We keep the keys of your premises securely to use in the event of an emergency. We take the keys to your premises in the event of an emergency response. We train our SIA licensed Patrolling Officers to lock/unlock, use the alarm system, and patrol the property to ensure that you or your staff members are not disturbed by false alarms during the night and over the weekend.


We provide speedy response to your intruder or fire alarms, if activated.


Our officers can meet you at your premises to assist, If you wish to visit your site personally.


If you require emergency work on your site, our officers can remain on site until the premises have been secured completely.


We provide you with a comprehensive report of the whole situation from alarm activation and response including all actions taken by our security officers.








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